Zombie Wedding Cake

I love my wife. Meaning I love being married. I love cake, which is why I’m kinda chubby these days. I love Zombies. This right here. Effin props!

If this was mine, I’d never cut the bish.

Courtesy of Mike Mitchell

  1. Props…

    Marriage (with the right person) is pretty awesome. I’m glad I got in while the getting was good, because it seems all the good women are gone, married or super-butch’s who’ll eat your lunch as quickly as bone your sister. Anyway…

    • Saratoga N. Blake
    • July 7th, 2010


    And apropos I dunno what (cross-cultural appropriation of the zombie theme?), have ya’ll ever heard, Esso Steel Band covering “I Want You Back” (yes, that one):

    p/s: Any zombie cake left for a hungry– skinny– blog commenter just back from running laps at the Red Hook track?

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