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Wyclef For President?!?

LATE PASS: You already heard. I don’t know how how I feel about this. One of my Haitians who goes to Haiti every other month was telling me today how he felt Clef was good as ambassador of Haiti, a position that arguably holds more international weight than President. “If dude was smart, he wouldn’t want to run for president.” I was told. “It’s an ego move, and them Haitians have been hungry for a looong time, and if, as president, ‘Clef makes a wrong move, our people will MURDRER HIM!”

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Props Or Shots? Mary J. Blige Tweets

Lemme start off by stating I have the utmost amount of respect for MJB. She’s been through a lot and embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity.

I followed here briefly via her Twitter account but un-followed her, only because I couldn’t take her consistent misspellings and butchering of the English language.

This latest tweet had me dying though. I can’t call this because I’m all about people keeping it realer than real. But I’m kinda perturbed that her handlers continue to turn a blind eye to Ms. Blige’s exposure of her weaker points.

Props or shots?

If you’re on Twitter, follow Mary and see for yourself here.

Via Byron Crawford

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Chris Brown Faked It?

This past weekend, I gave dude props for his tearful performance at this year’s BET Music Awards. According to US Magazine, allegations are now surfacing that Chris Brown used tear drops right before he went on stage and fake cried his way back into the audience’s loving arms. I want to say shots, but faking the funk was kind of ingenious as well. I’ll let you tell it.

Props or shots?

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Enrique Iglesias Feat. T.I. – ‘I Like It’

I predicted last year that, upon his release from prison, Clifford Joseph Harris, Jr. would drop nothing less than heat rocks. I might have been wrong. Not that I’m anti pop, I love that shit, but to me, this whole arrangement seems kind of forced.

I do like the pillow fight scenes, but I’ma have to roll with shots on this one.

What do you think?

Props to BosNaud for the submission.

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