Shots: Prince

“The internet’s completely over. I don’t see why I should give my new music to iTunes or anyone else. They won’t pay me an advance for it and then they get angry when they can’t get it. The internet’s like MTV. At one time MTV was hip and suddenly it became outdated. Anyway, all these computers and digital gadgets are no good.”

Oh word? The fuck is this cat thinking? GTFOH.

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The Roots: ‘How I Got Over’

Never been a fan, even though I enjoyed their last two albums. Their new joint How I Got Over… bonkers. I don’t know if it’s how it sounds sonically or how every track fits together thematically, but this right here is a slow burner that only gets better. Every time I listen, this piece here sucks me in more and more like a vacuum. [||].

Please cop asap.


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Props Or Shots? Mary J. Blige Tweets

Lemme start off by stating I have the utmost amount of respect for MJB. She’s been through a lot and embodies the spirit of overcoming adversity.

I followed here briefly via her Twitter account but un-followed her, only because I couldn’t take her consistent misspellings and butchering of the English language.

This latest tweet had me dying though. I can’t call this because I’m all about people keeping it realer than real. But I’m kinda perturbed that her handlers continue to turn a blind eye to Ms. Blige’s exposure of her weaker points.

Props or shots?

If you’re on Twitter, follow Mary and see for yourself here.

Via Byron Crawford

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dead prez: ‘Revolutionary But Gangsta Grillz’ Mixtape

In commemoration of their 10th year anniversary of dropping their classic debut album Let’s Get Free, dead prez in collaboration with DJ Drama bring fire with this heat rock of a mixtape. And if all this pro-black revolutionary talk is not your thing, just hearing DJ Drama shout “Free Mumia” alone is well worth the free price of admission.

Run download this here.


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Late Pass: Breaking Bad

So effin late on this as the show is already 3 seasons in. Synopsis: Chemistry whiz/ high school teacher Walter White is living a substandard existence. Making minimum wage as a teacher and supplementing his income as a car wash attendant, White is the meek type that you can tell took a whole lotta shit during his entire life. Married with a teenage son suffering from Cerebral Palsy and barely making it, the series begins with White celebrating his 50th birthday. He has this chronic coughing affliction and out of the blue gets diagnosed with lung cancer. 2 months to live. Now desperate to set his family up, he tales his chem  skills, teams up with a former student turned meth dealer and puts his skills to use. White’s meth cooking work is deemed a “work of art” on the streets and soon his product is the hottest shit out. Oh yeah, his brother-in-law is a hard assed stereotypical DEA agent who gets a hard-on busting meth heads.

This AMC series is nothing short of dopeness and takes off where HBO’s The Wire left off. If you’re not up on this, run  cop this shit asap. The Netflix subscription price is well worth the price in you catching up on this.


Peep this first ep breakdown:

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Luther Vandross

Yesterday marks the 5th anniversary of Luther Vandross’ passing. We celebrate the death dates of Tupac and Biggie, Big Pun too, and on the regular, but it stays quiet when it’s time to remember the incredible talent that was Luther. Not Hip Hop? Maybe that’s the reason, but for those of us old enough to grow up with his classics, Vandross’ songs remain embedded in this Hip Hop head’s dna.

Pay your respects and peep this gem of a post honoring the history of one of Black America’s national treasures.


Submitted by Thembisa Mshaka of Put Your Dreams First fame.

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Chiddy Bang – “Sooner Or Later”

True story, I was up at my mother-in-law’s country home, deep in the mountains of Pennsylvania this past Father’s Day, cheffing up the bbq grill, when one of her friends came by to pay their respects as my father-in-law had passed away last December. A Nigerian dude in full Nigerian garb, along with wife and family in tow. We got to talking and he told me his son was the rapper Chiddy in the group Chiddy Bang. He was actually surprised that I knew about him.

Not that there’s a message or story, just sayin’.


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