Mel Gibson Doesn’t Care About Ni88as

Trusty anti-semite was secretly taped dropping the incendiary N word in an argument against his former girlfriend. For riding with the Brave Hearts theme, NaS lost again.

(via Perez Hilton)

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“Props” To Papoose

Today marks the 2nd 1/2 of this year of 2010. The year started with this DJ Kay Slay song “Thug Luv” featuring Maino, Papoose, Ray J and Red Cafe, in which Papoose spits the worst rap of the year “I’m a freak in the bed, but I’m not a control freak”. Wtf? That absolutely has to be the worst rap I’ve heard all year.

Being that it’s 1/2 way over, and that rap remains the worst for 2010, I have to give “props”.

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Eff Snakes, Maggots on A Plane!

Where’s Sam Jackson when you really need him?

(via Huffington Post)

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Chris Brown Faked It?

This past weekend, I gave dude props for his tearful performance at this year’s BET Music Awards. According to US Magazine, allegations are now surfacing that Chris Brown used tear drops right before he went on stage and fake cried his way back into the audience’s loving arms. I want to say shots, but faking the funk was kind of ingenious as well. I’ll let you tell it.

Props or shots?

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Shots at Wonder Woman’s New Costume

Not that I’m against change, or that I’m a chauvinist pig waiting for the chance to drool at the sight of a woman’s bare legs, thighs and whatnot, but I think artist Jim Lee missed the mark. The new threads will make its debut in the upcoming 600th issue of Wonder Woman.

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Man Gets Jacked For Vuvuzela, Loses Eye

Some cat in Zimbabwe got his horn jacked. [||]. Lost an eye fighting to keep it.

The fuck?


R.I.P. Dallas Penn Dot Com?

I took some time off from these Internets, like I already told ya’ll. Anyways, I come back, try to read some shit from friend and fellow blogger Dallas Penn and alls I see is the above bullshit ass image. Wtf?!? I know he’s doing it big with all them Internets Celebrities cameos and whatnot, but still.

If DP is RIP, I’m firing shots.

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