Peter Rosenberg and the Five Fingers

Last year when we were beefing, I would have used this as a shot. But since that’s all water under the bridge, I give Rosenberg props for not slapping back.


Lauryn Hill Is Still A Clown

Self explanatory?

More effery.

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Shots: Tyler Perry to Sue The Boondocks?

Last week’s episode of The Boondocks was crazy in the propage. Shit was classic in how it ripped Perry a new one, albeit in fun and jest, shits and giggles style. [||].

Word on the street is that Perry is considering legal action against the show’s creator Aaron McGruder in the form of an injunction, as well as other possible additional legal recourse.

Not lending credence to rumours, but if this is true, well, lets just say the room is starting to spin.


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Eminem ‘Recovery’ Set to Reach 750,000 Units It’s First Week

According to the good homie YN over at Rap Radar, the white boy’s latest album ‘Recovery’ is set to hit 750k in sales during its first week. I like Eminem. One of the best to ever do it. Never really liked most of his material though.

Got my leaked advance copy a few weeks ago. Dint say much about it, only for the fact that I thought it was uber meh. Still, it’s a no brainer why he’d perform so well. Great brand. Then the skin tone thing.


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Big Boi – ‘Sir Lucious Left Foot: The Son of Chico Dusty’

This just leaked My advance copy just arrived in the mail. I’m not even an OutKast fan like that. Never been, but don’t take that as me shitting on them. I know how some of you OK fans can get as hateful as Tupac fans, so cut that emo shit out.

The album drops July 6, 2010. Next week.


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Back to Basics.

All right. Back to basics. Last year round this time, I launched the new and improved Daily Math blog. Shit popped off and I wrote my ass off. Funny thing is, the more I wrote, the more you loved, the more I got burnt out. Then Twitter became my muse. And my distraction. Seemed like the more time I spent on Twitter, the less time I had (and wanted) to spend writing long ass posts.

Sometimes you have to quiet the noise in your noodle and listen to what the universe is trying to tell you. By that, I’m referring to my old site getting hit with a vicious “Malware” virus that shut my shit down good. For like 3 months. Instead of panicking though, I viewed that like it was a blessing. I took time off, spent more hours with my wife and kids. Did grown ass man shit. Cause I’m a grown ass man, dawg. In short, I lived my life.

I did miss ya’ll though. And as much as I tried to stay away, I kept getting pulled back in. So here I am. The world’s changed a whole lot since last year though. Less words, more soundbites. I changed too. I’ma still wax poetic with the words, from time to time, but thats only when I’m feeling extra. The rest of the time, it’s either props. Or shots. Or both.

This is the maturation of CJ. A new and improved Combat Jack. How you want it bitches?  Props or shots?


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